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How it works? Your dream house in a few simple steps

We explain how to move from the dream of a house to its implementation. The house is manufactured in the MEVELINE factory and delivered ready.

Your step #1

Selection and configuration of the house model, size and finish

Choose your house from several models available in sizes from 24 m2 to 70 m2, and then read the technical data sheet of the selected house, where you will find information about standard equipment. Contact the seller and find out the price of a house finished in a standard way, as well as possible house finishing options and completion date. The finished house will be transported to the site using specialized low-loader transport. Usually the last section, from the place of unloading to the place of foundation, the house moves on wheels behind the towing vehicle. Thanks to this, it is possible to enter places with difficult access. Once in place, the mobility feature is dismantled and the house looks as if it has been there for a long time. Selected house models are also available in a crane version. The house can be ready for occupants even within a few hours of arrival. What's more, in the future you can move the house to another place!
What is included in the price?
After selecting the model and size of the house and specifying the finishing standard, the price offer along with the specification will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you. The offer will include the base price of the house and selected optional items. The base price alone guarantees a rich range and a high standard of finish. It is also possible to receive a full price list and/or an individual quote. The price does not include transport costs, which are determined individually in a three-way relationship Customer-MEVELINE-Carrier. You are responsible for preparing the site for the foundation of the house and connecting the house to water, electricity and sewage systems, but we will be happy to support you with advice.
Can I interfere in the design of the house and to what extent?
When configuring a house, it is possible to choose from many options, which, however, do not generally include changes to the interior arrangement, window layout or facade appearance. The only exception is the mirror layout of the house. At the manufacturing stage, you will have an impact on the type and color of the finishing materials used, subject to certain restrictions. If it is necessary to introduce deeper changes in the functional layout, resulting in the need to change the project - we will offer you an individual path for the implementation of the house. We have built a lot of unusual houses, implemented in this way!
In short:
Choose a house
Configure your house
Get the price offer

Your step #2

Regulations and access to the plot

Before ordering a selected house, make sure on what terms you can place it on your plot. Regulations, depending on the country, define these rules differently. After checking the regulations, the only thing left to do is to get the finished house to your plot. After delivering the house to the place, usually the last section, from the place of unloading to the place of foundation, the house moves on wheels behind the towing vehicle. Make sure that unloading will be possible in the vicinity of the plot and that the last access section and the entry to the plot itself is possible. With difficult access to the plot itself and within it, it is also possible to order a house in a version moved by a crane. We will be happy to support you with advice on how to check the access or offer a local inspection.
In short:
Check the regulations
Check access to the plot
Order a house and sign the contract

Your step #3

Preparation of the site and connections

It is your responsibility to prepare the site for the foundation of the house. There are 2 main methods of making the foundation for the MEVELINE house. These are: point foundations and a concrete foundation slab or, alternatively, a slab made of prefabricated road slabs. As the house will enter your plot on quite narrow wheels (or optionally with a crane), make sure that the driveway, and the area around and between the foundations and on the edges of the foundations is stable and, where necessary - mechanically compacted - preferably with crushed concrete or wedged natural aggregate. After ordering a house, you will receive a diagram of the foundation points and guidelines for site preparation. Don't be afraid of this stage, together we can do it! Check if your plot has access to electricity, water and sewage. Apply to your local supplier to connect your home to electricity, water and sewerage. Alternative solutions will be: a drilled well, a septic tank, a household sewage treatment plant, an incinerating toilet, a photovoltaic installation with an energy bank. After ordering a house, you will also receive information about the place of water, sewage and electricity connections.
In short:
Choose a house foundation method
Prepare the area
Prepare the connections

Your step #4

House delivery and installation

This step is already a reward for the efficient performance of the first three stages! You will formally pick up the house at the MEVELINE factory in person or via video transmission. You will then receive a complete set of documents, including a comprehensive home manual. The finished house will reach you at the agreed time and will be unloaded at a predetermined location. On request, for the duration of transport, the house can be packed in a protective, heat-shrinkable film - which, in addition to the obvious protection during transport, will also give you the joy of unboxing! Moving the house from the place of unloading to the destination, and thus placing it on previously made foundations, you can do yourself or order such a service from us. In both cases, it is up to you to arrange a towing vehicle or crane. You will receive relevant instructions prior to delivery. The final stage will be connecting your house to water, electricity and sewage by your installers.
In short:
Provide a place of unloading
Arrange a towing vehicle
Connect the connections