Show house

Transport, foundation, assembly


The finished house is transported to the site by a specialized low-floor road transport. The cost of transport is not included in the price of the house, its value depends on the target location and the size of the house, mainly its width and height. There are different regulations and restrictions depending on the country. MEVELINE can adapt to them relatively flexibly by offering houses with an asymmetric, slightly lowered roof, and/or by offering houses without a mobile chassis on wheels. Such houses are moved by means of a crane and specialized belts which, depending on the model of the house, are permanently built in or installed outside the house.
As a standard, after production, the house enters the transport platform and, after being delivered to the site, descends from it using the built-in wheels, which can be later dismantled, located under the central part of the house. Unloading takes place at the place indicated by the carrier - this is the location closest to the foundation site, which is accessible by road transport. Access to the foundation site is done behind the towing vehicle. The house can also be unloaded and placed on the target place using a crane. Organizing a towing vehicle or a crane is the responsibility of the investor in cooperation with MEVELINE. The function of moving on its own wheels, high maneuverability resulting from a well-thought-out chassis design, and the optional possibility of using a crane mean that the MEVELINE house can be placed in various locations - including those that are very difficult to access.


MEVELINE is a manufacturer of ready-made houses. However, the preparation of the foundation site is the responsibility of the investor. The smallest houses can be placed directly on a stable ground, however, concrete point footings or a concrete foundation slab are recommended. It is also possible to use other solutions: screw foundations or micropile foundations Access to the site and the place of foundation of the house itself must be stable and/or mechanically hardened; otherwise, the entry of the house on wheels behind the towing vehicle will be difficult or impossible - which may result in the need to use a crane. After ordering a house, MEVELINE gives detailed instructions on how to prepare the foundation site and the area around it.


The assembly service provided by MEVELINE is optional and is not included in the price of the house. The house is connected to water, sewage and electricity by the investor's installer. The assembly service includes:
  • commute of employees
  • house unloading coordination
  • coordination of placement on the foundation site (entrance to the plot and foundation site)
  • wheel disassembly
  • home leveling
  • re-adjustment of windows and doors
  • installation of a terrace, pergola or other accessories and external devices (if ordered)