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Construction and insulation

Ready-made MEVELINE houses, both in the mobile and modular versions, summer or year-round, are made on the basis of a steel frame. Depending on the model and version, the roof structure is made of steel or wood, or in a mixed technology. The houses are rigid and durable, both during transport and use. Selected models and sizes can be made entirely in a wooden structure or supplemented with steel elements. This applies to versions that do not have a lower frame in the mobile version and are moved using a crane and handles in the roof.

The original, well-thought-out solution of the construction of the lower frame in the mobile version - on wheels, gives the possibility of convenient loading, unloading and placing in the final place. Then, the wheels are removed and the house can be integrated into the surroundings in such a way that it looks like it was built using the traditional method - thus masking the mobility function. Such a house can be relocated to another place after some time, restoring the mobility function for the time of transport.
Modularly connected houses also benefit from the advantages of using a steel frame. The individual modules are connected by screwing the steel frames of the modules in places designed for this purpose, thus achieving a stable connection. MEVELINE combines modules offered as separate houses, making individual adjustments to the interior layout and appearance of the block. MEVELINE also offers ready-made solutions for modular houses, e.g. a 70m2 house - Deva. Combining modules is possible in various combinations, you can also order a house with a completely individual specification.

Insulation of external partitions, depending on the adopted standard (holiday, all-year-round, housing standards), have a different structure and thickness. These are multi-layer walls and usually the dominant insulating material is PUR foam, which fills every gap and space - which is a modern and safe material used in construction. PUR foam is resistant to mold and fungi, rodents and insects do not like it. In addition, the foam stiffens the entire structure, which in combination with the structural framework gives excellent results.